A Great Westlake Village Inn Restaurant

When you think of a bar you do not typically think of good food. You think drinks and dancing and I should eat some food before we head out. Bogie’s Bar wanted to change that. They are attached to a resort that has some incredible Westlake Village restaurants and they needed to keep those high standards. That’s why their bar food is different from that bar food that you tend to think about.


When you are looking for drinks and food visit Bogie’s Bar a Westlake Village located bar. They have the bar food you tend to be looking for and more. But the thing is, this food is done well! It is not that microwaved food you tend to get at bars where it’s greasy and pretty much inedible. It is made well and tastes delicious. You can feel good about coming to grab a bite to eat at a bar for once. With options to share or full meals just for yourself the options are endless. Do not be afraid to try the food at this bar, you will not be disappointed.

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