Bogie’s Bar is the Best Bar in Westlake Village!

Every time I’ve been to Bogie’s Bar I’ve had a blast. Last time I visited the bar for a birthday party of one of my friends. The venue looks great and the general vibe of the people inside makes it the best bar in Westlake Village. The waiters and waitresses are particularly pleasant and helpful around the bar menu, and are open to recommending the best drinks in the bar, and I haven’t made a mistake listening to them. Apart from having great liquor and cocktails, we had a great meal at the place, which I never expected when I visited a bar or night club. The chicken taco bar was a delight and next time I visit I’m definitely gonna have it again. As the evening progressed the atmosphere got better and better and it the party got wild. Had a great time and I can’t wait to visit Bogie’s Bar again next time I’m in Westlake Village.

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