Tibial stress fracture in horses

Maximum care for horses is paramount if at all their ultimate performance is to be harnessed. It is in light with this that SynNutra Equine have stretched their muscles and engaged their brains in deep research in an attempt to unearth solutions to some of the complications which befall this hardworking domestic animal.

Tibial stress fracture is one of the complications which arise in horses mainly the race horses. This is a condition which mainly affects young horses undergoing training as well bone development. It also affects some older horses in an incident where they had forfeited training for some reasons and are resuming the training process.

Basically, this condition is characterized by pain in the limbs which result in the horse being unable to move comfortably. Although there are medications for this condition, good rest is a great treatment practice as well as support during training.SynNutra Equine also ensures that tibial stress fracture in horses is treated effectively. They employ modern-day technology in ensuring that your horse lives healthy and fit.

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