Wine Flights in Westlake Village.

It’s Friday night and you’re looking to go out with your friends, but are tried for going out to the same places each and every week. You want a more sophisticated place, one that you can enjoy some wine with your friends and still hear what they are saying. This is why you should check out the Westlake Village café, The Stonehaus. They have so many different options of wines for you to try. Have you ever wanted to do a wine tasting, but didn’t want to trek all the way up to northern California? Or do you want to do a wine tasting but hate the expensive prices?


That is why you are going to love this Westlake Village wine flight from The Stonehaus. That way you are able to try three delicious wines without breaking your wallet. You leave with some amazing wines tasted and a happy outlook at wine tasting. You can try both a red wine flight or a white wine flight. They give you options and who doesn’t love options? Each flight allows you to try three different wines and there are so many different pairs of three to try.

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