wine tasting at The Stonehaus in Westlake Village.

Westlake Village is a place that is known for wild venture with the greatest number of secured neighborhood species. Westlake Village will reliably draw in you with its treasured assets and convenience. Examining sincerity, Westlake Village has a part of the finest point restaurants which are reliably an unbelievable experience to esteem



The best wine tasting in Westlake Village


If you are hunting down for wine tasting restaurant, endeavor The Stonehaus . They are outstanding for serving a segment of the more scrumptious American liberalities. If you treasure having smoked duck, or crab things with curry. For some person who treasures steaks, he should in all probability go to The Stonehaus


The most striking component of The Stonehaus is the availability of private rooms, which speaks to greater security. The restaurant in like manner charges sensible cost

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