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Ready-mixed concrete, as its name suggests, is prepared in the company or plant and then it is delivered to your construction site. Our professional company makes use of specialized concrete mix vehicles to help us access any construction site including those sites where accessing them is quite tricky.

A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc use the best quality, durable as well as environment-friendly ready mixed concrete to meet your needs, which makes it a cost-effective way for both your renovation work as well as new construction. Our ready mix concrete is ideal for home, industrial, etc. and we will ensure that you enjoy improved durability.

Below are some of the most significant benefits of choosing our ready-mixed concrete over an on-site mix concrete.

Best Quality Control

The concrete mix that we produce is assured to match the most stringent quality standards, and also it passes through many quality checks before we deliver it to your construction site. Thus, there is no possibility of errors, and therefore we guarantee you always to provide top-quality concrete every time you place your order.

Comfort and convenience

Now, as you know their ready-mix concrete is prepared using standard quality checks and guidelines, it is indeed a more convenient option as compared to preparing your concrete mix on site.

Doesn’t need storage space

Since they will deliver ready-mixed concrete, its use is strongly recommended to be used on construction sites which don’t have enough storage for storing the required materials, or probably when you don’t want to invest in or find a storage space.

Hiring A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, inc who have experienced and highly skilled personnel who ensure that they prepare high quality ready mixed concrete, will ensure that your project is done correctly and its durability guaranteed.

Directions To Our Newport Beach, CA Corporate office of Ready Mix Concrete

A & A Ready Mixed Concrete Inc

4621 Teller Ave #130
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
Phone: (949) 253-2800


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