A Luxury Westlake Village Hotel

A luxury resort that can give you exactly what you need is a vacation that you need. Even if it is just a quick day getaway that you need the night to stay. This luxury Westlake Village resort can accommodate just about any weekend getaway you are looking for. Visit the Westlake Village resort, Westlake Village Inn for a wonderful time. With a built in spa to give you the most relaxing time you could ask for, and for him a golf course to unwind.


This resort even has a wine weekend option! It gives you a one night stay in this beautiful resort and a bottle of wine to your liking when you get there. After they will have a wine tasting just for the two of you with wine flights and cheeses to share! You will need get breakfast at one of their award winning restaurants before you head back to your reality of a life, wondering when you can sneak back away for another weekend like this.

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