The Best Restaurant in Westlake Village

What to look for in the best restaurant in Westlake Village at the Mediterraneo

Good restaurants are not empty Pay attention to how many free places are in the restaurant. If it's dinner time, and only a couple of tables are occupied, this is clearly a disturbing sign. If, on the contrary, the queue stretches for several tens of meters from the doors, then do not be lazy, stay in it – you will certainly not regret it. Especially if it's a queue of locals.


Rate menu The menu in many establishments is hung right on the street so that you can not even go inside. The good restaurants offer local dishes made from seasonal ingredients. If it is not a season for asparagus, it will not be offered to you in a decent place. The huge multi-page menu also serves as an argument rather than against. Especially if it is laminated. This means that the card does not change over the years, and the restaurant is trying to please everyone and anyone. Four to five appetizers and about the same main course, a couple of desserts and a one-page drinks menu – the best set. The Mediterraneo is a restaurant in Westlake Village.

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